Company Administrator Registration


The registration to start using Kdensity is undertaken in two stages.

1. Register as a Company Administrator

Initially, you will be asked to provide an email address, tell us your name and indicate you agree to our terms and conditions (as you do). Once you have submitted this information you will be automatically emailed a temporary password that will allow you to sign-in and complete your registration. This allows us to check you are using a valid email address.

2. Register Your Company

Registration is completed selecting the subscription level you require, which may be our free 30 day trial. You will also be asked to providing some details of your company comprising your company’s name and the currency you would like to use for financial modelling.

When you opt to purchase a subscription, you will be asked to supply your billing details. Payment options include credit card, debit card and PayPal. Kdensity partners with Stripe for simplified payment management and billing. This ensures you payment and billing details are kept save and secure.

We look forward to helping you transform your business.